Glasgow Mural Trail guide and map

Fellow Glasgow residents - red squirrel, deer and fox graffiti, Glasgow city centre mural trail

As the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow couldn’t be more different to the winding cobbled alleys, green cliffs and medieval architecture of its eternal rival Edinburgh. Once heavily industrialised, the Scottish city has long forgotten its grey past and has completely transformed into the blooming cultural hub that it is now. It will come as no surprise that Glasgow was recently named the top cultural and creative centre in the UK by the European Commission.

One of the creative initiatives by the Glasgow City Council that provides an excellent way to explore the city is the Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail, an unmissable display of graffiti works by local and international artists that bring to life the once empty façades. This is perhaps one of the most attractive ways of discovering Glasgow’s buzzy charm.

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Saint Mungo mural - Glasgow mural trail

The Duke graffiti mural - Glasgow mural trail

With the largest contemporary art scene in the UK outside of London, Glasgow has flourished with museums, galleries and a rich collection of street art. Since 2014, the Glasgow Mural Trail has brought empty walls back to life and brightened up otherwise forgotten spots of the city. There’s a mural for all tastes – quirky, thought-provoking, radical, anti-establishment and of course, plenty of Glasgow-related ones!

Wind power grafitti mural - Glasgow mural trail

Artists are continuously adding projects to the mural trail so there’s always a new one popping up somewhere around the city. The Glasgow City Mural Trail includes individual pieces by Smug One, Guido van Helten, Klingatron, Rogue One, Art Pistol and Stormie Mills. Plenty of collaborations between some of these artists can also be spotted.

Of course, I couldn’t go to Glasgow and not include our guide to the Glasgow Mural Trail. And to make it even better, our start and finish points are really close to my favourite brunch place in Glasgow, and the famous Tennents Brewery. So why not start your day with some tasty food at Single-end (vegan and veggie dishes galore) and end this trail with a cold pint? You can thank me later!

Strathclyde University mural building - Glasgow mural trail

Crazy cat lady mural, Glasgow mural trail

Glasgow Mural Trail map

Follow our Glasgow Mural Trail map below, from Klingatron’s “Glasgow’s Crocodile“, through Glasgow city centre, to the Tennents mural outside the newly opened visitor centre. Make sure you zoom in to see the exact location of each mural too.

Glasgow Mural Trail highlights

Below are all the murals marked on our map above:

  • Glasgow’s Crocodile
  • Charing Cross Birds
  • The Lost Giant
  • Shadow Hand Puppets
  • Crazy Cat Lady
  • The Musician
  • The Gallery
  • The Swimmer
  • Glasgow’s Tiger
  • Dr Connolly I presume?
  • The world’s most economical taxi
  • Honey…I shrunk the kids
  • Wind Power
  • Glasgow’s Panda
  • Are ye dancin’?
  • Argyle Street Cafe
  • Billy Connolly
  • The Clutha
  • Study of a woman in black
  • Study of a woman in black (2)
  • Space Man
  • Badminton
  • Fellow Glasgow Residents
  • Strathclyde University
  • St Enoch and Child
  • St Mungo
  • Tennents

We hope you enjoy exploring Glasgow and hunting down the murals!

Fellow Glasgow residents - badgers and highland cow graffiti, Glasgow city centre mural trail

Honey I shrunk the kids graffiti mural, Glasgow mural trail

Tennent's brewery mural - Glasgow mural trail

Have you followed the Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail before? Which mural do you like the most? Do you think there are any that we may have missed? If you loved our guide to the Glasgow Mural Trail, please leave a comment, pin some photos and show us some love on social media using the buttons below 🙂

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  1. Jane Palmen

    This looks amazing and what a clever way to convert blank spaces. There are some very talented artists out there. Beautiful photos of incredible paintings! I’ve only ever been to Glasgow once and that was nearly 30 years ago! Looks as though I need to go again. Really interesting blog.


    1. blushrougette

      Thanks so much Jane! A lot has probably changed in the last 30 years so definitely worth visiting again 🙂 x


  2. Nickelinho

    Some amazing art, never been to Glasgow, will have to put it on the list!


    1. blushrougette

      Definitely! x


  3. Berry's Poetry Book Reviews

    Those murals are amazing! If I get the chance to travel abroad, I am definitely going to Glasgow!


    1. blushrougette

      Glasgow is truly amazing, I would absolutely recommend!


  4. L

    I absolutely love this post! Such a cool and interesting way to explore Glasgow!


    1. blushrougette

      Oh wow, thank you so much! x


  5. Finn

    I visited Glasgow years ago but somehow missed this. They are absolutely stunning and now revisiting is on my bucket list!


  6. Carole

    I didn’t know about this, thanks so much. Will definitely look out for it next time I’m there!


  7. Adventure Aficionado

    Wow I didn’t know this existed in Glasgow, and I just got back from there! But this is definitely something I want to check out, especially since the photos you posted look pretty interesting to see in real life!


  8. Rhiannon

    Fab!!! Scotland is on our bucket list, thanks for the info!!! X


  9. Mark

    Fabulous post, I love the art. Glasgow is on the list…


  10. Miri

    Wow! These murals are stunning! It’s so interesting that wall murals and street art are such a big thing nowadays. I just read a post about Dublin and now Glasgow!


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