Penguin up close at Meet the Penguins experience

Meet the penguins at London Zoo

Getting to meet the penguins was by far one of the most entertaining encounters I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. Have you seen how insanely charming they all are? What about those fluffy lil’ baby ones? Cute, right? And please let’s not forget the fact that penguins mate for life! I am sorry but that is just too adorable.

There is something special about these stunning animals that I’ve always found incredibly captivating. In fact, the Meet the Penguins experience at the London Zoo was part of my Ultimate London Bucket List for a really long time. So naturally, Sam and I couldn’t believe our luck when the amazing ZSL London Zoo team retweeted our Friday night escape to Zoo Nights and crowned us as the (ehem, ultimate) winners of that week’s Meet the Animals competition!

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Flamingo statue at ZSL Zoo Nights

ZSL Zoo Nights – London Zoo after dark

Have you ever wondered what happens at ZSL London Zoo when the sun goes down? Thanks to Zoo Nights now you can find out! Once all the visitors have left and the night zookeepers are the only ones wandering around, the zoo is pretty much animal territory once again. Thousands of different animal species from all over the world call London Zoo their home. Opened in 1828, initially only with scientific and educational study purposes, London Zoo receives hundreds of visitors each day. Tourists, parents and their kids, hopeless animal lovers, school trips (loads of kids), researchers, more kids…

The zoo is only for kids yeah? Wrong.

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