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Peck47, Brussels

I must confess brunch is hands down one of my favourite meals of the day. Why? Because not only do you get breakfast, you also get lunch, of course. Two for the price of one! Bargain. Plus, it’s quite a millennial chic thing to go for nowadays and it can be very healthy if you make it properly.

This is exactly what we needed on our last day in Belgium. We’d only stayed 24 hours in Brussels, but I was already feeling the after-effects of eating too much chocolate in one go. We’d heard wonderful recommendations about Peck 47, a cute little brunch spot close to Bourse de Bruxelles where we were staying. We decided to give it a go and once we got there, we couldn’t resist popping in. Cosy, centric and cheerful, there seems to be a reason this brunch place is often busy.

cakes at Peck 47, Brussels

Peck 47 menu

Peck 47 offers a whole lot of healthy and vegan friendly options with a modern twist. Homemade soups, fair trade coffee, natural smoothies and juices, freshly baked cakes…you name it. True to it’s location and the Chicken Market that was held until 1802 (Marché aux Poulets), it sports a funny wallpaper of talking rabbits on the left hand size of the entrance. You know you are in for a pleasant experience.

I must admit I am sucker for a good avocado on toast. So much that sometimes you cannot even take me out of that brunch box. However, Peck 47 screams “delicious” all over. The place is best known for their #perfectlypoachedeggs, a hashtag they have made their own on Instagram. Our choice? Eggs Benedict with creamy hollandaise sauce on a sourdough toast.

We were treated to a nicely presented meal with fresh quality ingredients. With either crispy bacon (for Sam) or salmon (for me), this dish is on a whole different level. We decided to get nice fruity and refreshing juices to go with it, and we weren’t disappointed.

eggs benedict at Peck 47, Brussels

fruit smoothie at Peck 47, Brussels

Peck 47 verdict

Peck 47 welcomed us with open arms and we had a heavenly experience from start to finish. With a superb service, a delicious coffee aroma and a vibrant atmosphere, this place is among our favourite brunch spots in Brussels. The only downfall is perhaps that they don’t take reservations and you might need to wait a little outside for a table (like we did). However, I can assure you their brunch is worth the wait.

All in all, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a nutritious and garden fresh-meal and get ready to kick ass the rest of the day. We’ve heard they also own Peck 20, Streetpecker and Woodpecker so we’ll definitely make sure to add these spots on our list for our next trip to Brussels.


Peck 47Rue du Marché aux Poulets 47, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium | Telephone: +32 2 513 02 88

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