Starting a Blog

…why are we starting a blog?

Like me, I am sure you’ve more than once found yourself stuck in an everyday routine. You dread your 9 to 5 / Monday to Friday working schedule (or Saturday for those not as lucky). You count the hours left to go home while trying not to think of everything you could be doing instead.

Eating pancakes in New York. Admiring kangaroos in Australia. Conquering the peak of “Mount Doom” in New Zealand…

Instead, you finish work and make your way to the the nearest tube station as quickly as possible. You avoid eye contact and pray not to get stuck in a train for what feels like endless hours due to delays. You manage to get home in one piece (only after being squashed by the guy who didn’t take his backpack off and the lady that decided to talk on the phone during the whole journey).

After a quick shower and cooking something equally as fast from the easiest book recipes you can find, you finally manage to jump on the sofa and watch the latest Netflix series. Suddenly, it is time to go to bed and you tell yourself tomorrow will be different. However, you end up doing the exact same things over and over again the very next day. Sound familiar?

You are not alone

This blog started with the idea of crossing places off my Travel Bucket List I wrote some years ago in a little notebook of mine. It worked as an inspiration to make the most of my time here; to try to spice up my life and enjoy all the unique things that make this world amazing.

Then I started decorating it with little souvenirs, memories and postcards I kept collecting on my trips. I made it my mission to move to London and when I did, the list kept expanding. I even wrote a London Bucket List.

It then got to the point I couldn’t close my little inspiration book. And I thought – Why not collect everything I learn from exploring in a place everyone can get inspiration from?

This is when Blushrougette was born

Funnily enough, Sam and I would have never met if I hadn’t taken the risk to move to London. And it is the best risk I have ever taken.

I have found my soulmate, someone that also believes it is essential to do things out of the ordinary even if it’s just once in a while. We have made it our mission to travel as much as we possibly can and open our minds to the wonders our world has to offer. And when we are not, to explore and try everything than makes London, our home, special.

We bring you Blushrougette, a mix of passion for writing and traveling. We’ve topped with a spoonful of good local food and yummy cocktails and sprinkled it with a penchant for interiors and music. We hope to make lifelong memories and inspire you to do the same. Of course, it goes without saying we would love to hear any suggestions from you too!

Enjoy Blushrougette,

Grats (& Sam behind the lens).

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