Starting a Blog

 …why are we starting a blog?

Like me, I am sure you sometimes find yourself stuck in your everyday routine. You desperately seek new ways to escape from the endless hours surfing the internet. Or you find yourself seeking inspiration after a tiring day at work or University. You are not alone. This blog started with the idea of crossing places and activities off a ‘List of things to do in my life’ I wrote some years ago in a little notebook of mine. For years, I have been decorating it with little souvenirs, memories and postcards I have collected on my trips.

It has now gotten to the point it is almost impossible to close. The this idea came to my mind. Why not collect everything we learn from our adventures in a place where other people can get inspiration from?

Because life should be about taking risks, making lifelong memories and trying to get as much cultural knowledge as possible, right?

This is when Blushrougette was born.

Funnily enough, Sam and I would have never met if I did not pack my bags and fulfilled a lifelong wish to move from Tenerife to London. We believe it is essential to do things out of the ordinary, even if it’s once in a while. Like travelling, for example. This lets your eyes and mind open up to the wonders our world has to offer. You experience foreign culture and history that you normally wouldn’t if you stayed at the same place. Plus you get the bonus of meeting wonderful people and making amazing friends along the way!

Like you, we also lust over food and drinks, and especially love it when we get the opportunity to try local dishes abroad (a bit of a bummer when we cannot find Sam’s favourite Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Cheetos anywhere in London though). We love architecture, interior design and reading about trends and desperately try to get the most out of London when we don’t find ourselves lost among crowds at gigs across the city.

We want to share all these adventures, lifestyle and foodie tips with you with the hope of making lifelong memories and inspiring you to do the same. Of course, it goes without saying we would love to hear any suggestions from you too!

Enjoy Blushrougette,

Gratsiela & Sam.

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